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​From the Forgotten Pages of History: Ellen Buzand’s Journey From the Battle of Sardarapat to a Cheka Prison


Besides all the trauma and pain, Ellen continued to be an active member of the Armenian community of Los Angeles. 

​''Legal Education and Control'' NGO strongly condemns today's events of bringing more than a hundred citizens into the investigation and using force against them by the Police.


Committee Chair on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs Naira Zohrabyan and MP Iveta Tonoyan in the picture

​On the night of July 18-19, as well as this moment, the situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border is relatively calm.


Armed Forces units are vigilantly controlling the enemy along the entire front line.

​The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has officially stated that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces may launch missile attacks on the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plantof the Republic of Armenia.


The Human Rights Defender of Armenia brings the statement threatening civilians and undermining the international human rights and humanitarian protection system to the attention of international organizations.

​Today, civilian Aramayis Hovakimyan, a resident of Chinari village, was wounded by an enemy drone strike.


Today, civilian Aramayis Hovakimyan, a resident of Chinari village, was wounded by an enemy drone strike.

​Statement of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the resumption of military operations of Azerbaijan towards Tavush region


The Foreign Minister is in constant contact with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship. In the present situation the efforts aimed at unconditional, complete restoration, preservation and strengthening of the ceasefire are imperative.

​Armenian side is ready to permit the recovery and retrieval of the Azerbaijani killed and injured from the battlefield.


In case the Azerbaijani Armed Forces stop the fire and favorable conditions are created, the Armenian side is ready to permit the recovery and retrieval of the Azerbaijani killed and injured from the battlefield.

​It is necessary to develop a n urgent concrete action plan and take steps to remove this resolution from the agenda of the Senate through the U.S. Department of State


The Commission on Artsakh, Security and Foreign Relations of the "Vernatun" sociopolitical club  calls on the Armenian authorities to work with the U.S. authorities through all possible channels, using all the political, expert and lobbying potential of both Armenia and the Diaspora and to reach the exclusion of such resolution from being put to a vote in the Senate."

​I am glad that we managed to make sure that the war did not bring any benefit to Azerbaijan.


Now it remains to see how we could benefit from the results of the April War and why the “revolutionary authorities” neglected and failed to take advantage of the achievements we had during the Four-Day April War?

​Aurora clarifies the procedure for providing humanitarian aid to people of Artsakh


By the end of the day on November 20, a list of new confirmed projects aimed at direct assistance to the residents of Artsakh will be announced. We continue to accept applications at [email protected].

​One serviceman is in an extremely serious condition.


We wish the boys to be cured and become healthy as soon as possible. The military doctors really carry their noble title with honor.

​Special for the weak-minded dictatorial government of Azerbaijan


And this time no one will stop us from capitulating Azerbaijan.

​Trump: No Americans were harmed in last night’s attack by Iran


No Americans were harmed in last night’s attack by Iran

​The Azerbaijani Commissioner distorted words of the Armenian Human Rights Defender and made political statements


Women, children, persons with disabilities, who live in Artsakh cannot be deprived of legal protection; that would contradict the international legal principles

​Pompeo says Chinese manufacturer Huawei is no less dangerous than Soviet era programs


Pompeo says Chinese manufacturer Huawei is no less dangerous than Soviet era programs


​in case of provocations of the enemy on the borders of the Republic of Armenia, react as necessary, up to the capture of new advantageous positions.


Defense Minister of Armenia Davit Tonoyan is in constant contact with the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Andrzej Kasprzyk.

​Lavrov: Russia, Iran and China worked out safety of navigation in region during drills


Lavrov: Russia, Iran and China worked out safety of navigation in region during drills

​Armenian cellists awarded prizes at the Anna Kul International Competition


We are sure that our young talents - both participants the YerazArt international program supporting young Armenian talents have not yet said their last word 

​Gagik Khachatryan was deprived of the constitutional right to healthcare. A report was filed about the crime


Khachatryans' Legal Team claims that an entire state apparatus, with all its might, illegally transferred Gagik Khachatryan from Astghik Medical Center to the Yerevan-Kentron penitentiary, depriving him of his constitutional right to healthcare. After that, as usual, the manipulative excuses of state officials began.


​Statement of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Co-Founders and Chairmen on COVID-19 outbreak


Aurora will continue giving a second chance to those who have already been through so much

​Now on I will serve to our homeland as an advisor to the Artsakh Republic President on foreign relations


I would also like to wish success to Vahram Poghosyan who will substitute me in this position, wish him fruitful work.

​An Urgent Report to the RA Minister of Justice


 We have cited this decision in our letters to the Prison Medical Center State Non-Commercial Organization on 23 May 2020 and have requested the following: 

​Khachatryan’s legal team notes that actions outside of legal norms are being implemented against Gurgen Khachatryan


“The statement by Gurgen Khachatryan, co-founder of Galaxy Group of Companies and chairman of the Board of Directors at Ucom, which was published by dozens of media outlets, implied logical legal actions.

​The enemy is launching missiles and artillery strikes and massively uses strike drones targeting peaceful settlements,


The units of the Defense Army are in control of the operational and tactical situation taking appropriate measure to keep further development of the situation under control.

Th Human Rights Defender’s office has received alarming-calls from the civilian residents about the fact that the Azerbaijani armed forces are firing shots on Sotk village
The RA Human Rights Defender received alarming calls today that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces yesterd..ay, on July 23 2021, started shootings near the Verin Shorzha village
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